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7 Video Marketing Tips for Top Pharma Brands

Businesses worldwide are recognizing the power of video. That’s the reason why more than 90% of marketers in 2023 are planning to make video part of their marketing strategies. But the real question is, why?

7 Tips for Pharma Brands Who Want to Run a Incredibly Successful Video Marketing Campaign

YouTube is clocking more than a billion views a day from over 100 million people. With this, it is hard to deny the fact that video is the big thing in the digital space. In fact, video is the present and future of content marketing.

Popular pharma brands are already adopting video as part of their digital marketing strategy. Therefore, these are witnessing a substantial increase in the quality and quantity of engagement. Be it with physicians or with patients.

This increased level of engagement is therefore boosting these companies’ ROI, thus reshaping their brand image in the community. All in all, this is increasingly becoming a win-win strategy.

It’s time for you to catch up on the digital train and leverage the power of video marketing to increase your brand’s reach and recognition.

In this blog post, we’re going to share seven tips that will help you in running a successful video marketing campaign.

1. Include a call-to-action

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

The sole purpose of creating a video is to improve interaction with your audience and to allow them to engage with your products/services.

If your videos are not complemented by a clear and direct “Call-to-Action”, you’re simply missing out on the possibility to generate even more qualified leads.

For example, let’s say you’ve created a really engaging video on a vaccination program, and the takeaway message of the video is great. When healthcare professionals or patients are done watching it, they will probably want to know more.

You need to capitalize on their curiosity and use Call-to-Action buttons like “Subscribe”, “Learn More”, or “Explore More Videos” to constantly maintain that momentum of engagement and interaction with your audience.

The goal is to win the audience’s attention by showcasing your value proposition and moving the viewer through the sales funnel more effectively. This is one of the simplest tactics ever. Yet, most pharma brands fail in leveraging it.

Bottom line: You won’t get the interactions you need unless you initiate them through clear and easy-to-follow actions.

2. Build a relationship with your audience

“The most successful video marketing strategy: Care”

Building relationships is caring about what your audience’s preferences are. Listen to what they have to say and use their feedback to improve your service and products. In the case of video marketing, it is all about using these customer experiences to constructively level up the content of your videos.

Pharma brands from all 5 corners of the world are using social media channels as powerful tools to interact directly with their target audiences. Thus, building long-lasting, valuable relationships.

What you have to keep in mind is the that the response you get from your target audience – be it physicians or patients – is an actual validation of the efforts you’ve put into your video marketing campaign. This feedback helps to pinpoint which direction to follow in your campaigns to optimize outcomes.

Bottom line: Building a relationship with your audience will not only help you improve interactions and brand engagement but will also contribute to optimizing your video marketing efforts.

3. Be consistent

The line says it all.

It’s not about getting the ball rolling, it’s about keeping the ball rolling.

Many pharma marketers succeed in creating a few good videos but fail to maintain consistency in their video marketing efforts.

Consistency is the key to marketing success because, as you know, you’re not solely striving to get your target audience’s attention, you’re also competing against other sources of video content taking up the Internet. And the way to precisely rise above that noise is to stay consistent.

Following a consistent flow of work and interactions, you will automatically see greater interest from your target audience. Do not forget that they always want more from you.

Pro-tip: Before you start with your video marketing, make sure you’ve planned a strategy for being consistent for at least the next 6-8 months. It would give you the freedom to try a lot of different things and will allow you to keep up with the plan without getting too stressed out.

4. Be a storyteller

If you’re creating a video for your patients, don’t tell them why they should use your product/services. Show them how using them has changed the lives of people, and how you intend on making the world a better place by constantly innovating medical practices.

Similarly, don’t overwhelm physicians with factual and contextual information that seems to be going absolutely nowhere. Instead, let your numbers spin a story through animated charts and graphics.

5. Focus on personalization

The real challenge for the pharmaceutical industry is to gradually pivot the marketing strategies from segmentation toward personalization.

It’s no longer about what the majority of your target audience finds interesting; it’s about how you can use the insights to know what your customers want and deliver it accordingly. Now, it is all about putting your brand’s products and services in the right context.

As a result, your focus should be on collecting valuable insights from user patterns and delivering content that physicians find interesting. The most effective way to personalize is to deliver messages based on their interests and preferences.

Bottom line: Personalization can massively improve the effectiveness of your CLM strategy since you’re constantly analyzing feedback and delivering content that matters the most.

6. Integrate Analytics

“Personalization tells your audience the story they want to hear. Analytics tell you the story you need to hear.”

One of the biggest marketing challenges is to connect the impact of video marketing with ROI. That’s where analytics come into the picture.

Analytics provide valuable statistical insights based on user patterns and behavior. This helps you assess the engagement and reach of your video.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of using digital channels is that you can measure the level of engagement and interaction.

For example, how many people watched the video? Did they interact after watching the video? What made them click away from the video? What was the average attention span for the video?

Compare that to the traditional approach based on face-to-face interactions with sales reps.

Analytics give you solid key performance indicators to assess whether you’re steering your video marketing efforts in the right direction.

7. Optimize for search engines

Did you know that your website is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google if it has a video on it?

Pharma brands around the world are leveraging the power of SEO to increase the virality of their videos.

Here’s a quick checklist that you can follow to optimize videos for search engines:

  • Provide valuable information;
  • Use the right keywords;
  • Curate playlists;
  • Optimize title and description with keywords;
  • Make sharing and watching your video easy – accessibility matters.


Looking at what the numbers tell us, it is undeniable that video marketing is the present and future of digital pharma marketing. These 7 tips will help you leverage the power of digital media to drive engagement and improve the quality of your interactions with your target audience.