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How Video Marketing Boosts Engagement and Sales

How Video Marketing Boosts Engagement and Sales

Adding video to an email is one of the best boosts to your marketing conversions. It’s the consumer’s preferred media format that will make your emails irresistible. After all, video marketing is the type of content that helps to give a boost to both your engagement and sales. The video complements the email. How? Overall […]

The Video Marketing Trends to Look Out For

The Video Marketing Trends to look out for

2022 has been a year in which video marketing trends are taking over many communication strategies. This spread throughout a variety of industries. In this type of content in a digital sphere, there is a myriad of different possibilities to explore. Pharma won’t be able to escape this increasing trend for long. With this in […]

Amazing Video Stats Pharma Marketers Just Can’t Ignore

Amazing video stats pharma marketers just can’t ignore

Covid-19 created the perfect landscape for disruption in healthcare. It brought a sense of urgency as the interactions go remote and digital. Healthcare Professionals (HCP) transformed into digital natives. Nowadays they seek seamless experiences. Keep reading to discover some of the most amazing video stats that pharma marketers just can’t ignore. For the most part, […]

Using Video to Boost Email Marketing Results

Using Video to Boost Email Marketing Results

Video instant play inside an email is becoming a real possibility in a wider range of email providers. But technically speaking, we’ve come a long way from traditional video content watching. Its consumption and demand boosted to unseen numbers before the pandemic that impacts email marketing results. Using Video to Boost Email Marketing Results Taking […]

Video in Medical Education: How to do it right


There’s no denying that video is a very powerful tool for communicating brands, ideas, and feelings. It’s the number 1 prevalent type of content in online channels. Many have pointed out video as a powerful tool for education in many areas, including medical education. Here’s where many professionals in the area scratch their heads and […]

Animated Explainer Videos in Pharma: What’s the catch?


The idea of using animated explainer videos to explain health themes is not a new one. Animation became a very popular medium for communications in healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions. Neither medical professionals nor patients are immune to its advantages. Today we’ll show you why. Why are animated explainer videos so popular? Animated explainer videos are […]