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Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends

Don’t Miss the Top 5 Pharma Marketing Trends in 2022

We are heading towards a shifting era in communication with content’s digitalization. It’s only natural that pharma brands wouldn’t be immune to this new wave. Of course, some digital marketing trends will be transversal to many sectors. While some will be specific to a few of them.

Here are our top 5 predictions when it comes to pharma marketing trends in 2022.

2022 is the year of Video Marketing!

The power of video is no longer the future. It’s more than established as one of the dominating trends in 2022. The worst part? Some pharma brands are letting this opportunity slip through their fingers. Particularly, when it comes to exploring the full potential of video as a communication tool

Video marketing online is a powerful element. It boosts the organic visibility, engagement, and conversion rates of a brand. Without a doubt, brands have discovered different ways in which to integrate video in their omnichannel approach.

Still, have doubts? Take the case of HCP, as mentioned beforehand. Through an explainer video, you can provide relevant content that will meet their needs. In seconds you have shared with them educational content. Otherwise, they would have had to go through reading a long medical report

With explainers, you can educate HCP. As well as show them how your product and/or treatment can help in specific medical conditions. 

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Forget Multichannel: welcome to the age of Omnichannel

Client’s growing needs and the fusion between offline and online have led to the rise of Omnichannel. To make this distinction simple, “multichannel” refers to “multiple channels” in communication. “Omnichannel”, on the other hand, stands for “all channels”.

Say goodbye to the days when you once could manage separate campaigns on online channels. Being those social networks, e-mail paid campaigns, and even offline communication mediums. On the whole, pharma brands have now to align their communication channels with the target audience. 

Regardless of the chosen channels, make sure your values, story, message, and expertise are loud and clear. Remember that these days, all the channels will be connected. Therefore, consistency will be key in this modern age scenario.

The rise of Automation

It’s no secret pharma brands are using AI in their communication strategy. One can tell by the growing popularity of automated processes in digital marketing. This style of technology is a wonderful investment for your marketing team. Especially if you want to release them from the heavy workloads they have to go through in their activity.

Marketers can use automation in processes such as:

  • Customer behaviour analysis;
  • Fast access to real-time data; and
  • Message personalization (i.e. chats and emails,…). 

There are wonderful benefits when it comes to time management in these processes. Still, ensure you maintain your marketing and communication activities, human. 

Producing content to attend to the needs of healthcare professionals

To many HCP, pharma brands are improving in the matter of engagement. Yet this tale as old as time still prevails. In fact, a case study by Accenture and a report by Indigene, have recently tackled this unresolved issue. 

Many of those who inquired stated that pharma brands don’t fully grasp the current and specific HCP needs. What’s worse is that some of them suffer spam from at least one pharma company. Either through promotional emails from drugmakers or by content that isn’t relevant. 

Considering HCP’s current working conditions, there’s no doubt they are open to a partnership with pharma companies. They have more spare time on their hands. But they also need to engage with brands that can provide them with educational value. More than advertising, HCP expect relevant content. They are also welcoming ongoing relationships that benefit both parties.

Integrated Healthcare systems will revolutionize the patient journey

Patients will continue looking for solutions that better suit their growing technology needs. It is here that integrated healthcare systems might gain the relevant high ground. Especially with apps.

“Convenience” is the main keyword for these elements. After all, is there anything better than a system that provides easy access to primary, retail, and urgent care? Or even an app that allows patients to track their treatment or medicine records? Or further, allow them to order and buy medicine?

The result of this growing trend? Hospitals will feel the pressure to expand their services. With this, pharma brands will have to keep a lookout for the consumer’s new needs in the digital age.

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